HawkEye 360 (booth 2501) is a pioneer in the new field of commercial radio frequency (RF) geospatial intelligence. Our constellation of RF sensing satellites can detect and geolocate signals of interest across a wide range of frequencies, such as push to talk radios, satellite phones, marine radios, and radar systems. This unique RF data and analytics equip our global customers with a foundation layer of information that supports situation awareness and tip and cue, equipping analytics to make decisions with confidence.

Here is what the HawkEye 360 exhibit will be highlighting during the GEOINT Symposium:

  • RF GEOINT is providing better understanding about many regions to make the world a safer place. Come see the latest examples where this RF data and analytics has revealed human activity over both land and sea.
  • Mission Space is the first commercial platform purpose-built to close the interpretation gap between RF collection and RF analysis. Learn how Mission Space supports analysis workflows to visualize, interact with, and gain insights from RF data.
  • The RFGeo data sets are ingestible and compatible with many standard GIS tools, including ESRI ArcGIS. Learn how analysts can add this RF data to common software platforms and exploit to discover where to focus attention.


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